Protecting Customers not Corporates

On Twitter, Paul Vincent (@cybersecurer), one of the very few IT Security people I know who can claim their title isn’t Business Prevention Officer, asks this: [quote]@bankervision If information scarcity is no longer competitive advantage, do the infosec requirements change? I think so #[amazon_link id=”9814351105″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]sidestepandtwist[/amazon_link][/quote] Paul is referring, I think, to […]

Interesting 5 via Toronto

Over the last week, I spent time in Toronto, where I came across these 5 items I felt interesting enough to post… and comment on: EasyJet Founder set to Launch EasyJet Competitor I’m inclined to think that whatever Stelios launches next will benefit from all the stuff he learned with EasyJet, and yet will be […]

Bank changes? Not So Much.

Last week, I spent time at SIBOS, which is the world’s largest banking conference. Whilst there, I participated in Innotribe, the stream SIBOS dedicates to matters of innovation in financial services. Something interesting was very evident. Basically, the crowd settled into two camps. On the one hand were those that predicted that innovation in financial […]

Interesting 5 via NYC

I was in New York City last week, being part of the Gamification Summit. Whilst I was there, the following five things were interesting enough for me to post… and comment on 4 Considerations for Expanding your Startup to International Markets “1. Clearly define your business model. 2. Build and foster your community. Relocate to […]

Innovation in 2011 – the end of the Dark Ages

Every year around this time, I write about 4 or 5 things I think will happen in the next. But this year, I only have one thing to say.

Is it really over for Microsoft?

It was with great interest – though not that much surprise – that I noted the news this morning that Apple has finally overtaken Microsoft in market cap. The market, clearly, thinks the future fortunes of the former are rather more steady than those of the latter. Personally, I have to agree with the market. […]

Banking innovation’s death predicted early

Chris Skinner, much respected banking commentator and author suggests that banks have dropped the word “innovation” from their mantra. He says the focus on being innovative in banks was “a focal point during the 2000 and now its all over”. Supporting this point, he says that the number of times banks use the word in […]

How to Manage the Technologists – Little Innovation Book

The latest chapter is now available at the Little Innovation Book. The latest material covers the priorities of CIOs, and why IT organisations are so resistant to change. It also explains a few strategies innovators can use to help get things started when technology organisations are involved.

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