Antibodies, Attack Dogs, and Success Cats: 3 New Product Lessons

We’ve launched ICON. It has almost 200 companies signed up in less than 2 days. We’re feeling hopeful we have something people will really value. If you’ve already had a go of the tool, thank you. If not, signup is free, so please do try it. Today, I wanted to talk about the process of […]

Starting Up: London Vs. The Valley

These days, my job at Spigit has me spending 50% of my time in London, and the rest in California at our head offices in the East Bay area. This is very interesting, because it really illuminates the difference between startup world in both places. Firstly, the obvious: London may be a hot place to […]

Innovative Government Won’t Come from Small Suppliers

Over at Management Matters, David Chassels has this to say about my guest post on my new book, [amazon_link id=”9814351105″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sidestep and Twist[/amazon_link]: [quote]I do not think James quite understands what “real” innovation is about. First is to recognise from idea to a production ready product takes minimum 5 years more likely […]

Broken Forecasting

The other day, I had occasion to prepare an adoption forecast for a service, and, like any good innovator who knows anything, I formulated my answer using a nice s-curve shaped curve. S-curves are such a useful tool for forecasting the adoption of anything – particularly anything that involves communication and collaboration – because they […]

Interesting 5 from Dana Point

Over the last week I spent time at Dana Point, in California, where I was attending Spigit’s annual Innovation Summit. It was an excellent event, and whilst I was there, I came across these things I thought were interesting enough post… and comment on. Why Jobs was no Edison  Some 130 years after Edison’s remarkable […]

How to do a Crowd

I work for a company that makes crowds for a living. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered (with the help of my colleagues) along the way: Crowds are only useful when the quality of the crowd output improves as the size of the crowd improves. It is easy to create big groups of […]

An Update on Spigit EMEA

Today, I thought I’d make some comments on the progress of Spigit EMEA. I’ve been with the company, now, for almost 5 months. It has been something of a ride. As you know, I left the Civil Service to work for Spigit in the middle of January.  It was the culmination of many years of […]

From Public to Private: Relections on 30 days at Spigit

Some of you have asked me what the transition from public sector to a startup has been like. Others of you have been interested in what working at Spigit is like. So I thought I’d answer both questions today – the anniversary of my first month with the company. For me, the biggest difference between […]

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