The future of innovation, discovered in 1972

Basically, a scientific paper by Richard Daft*, since cited over 1000 times, found organisational innovations trickle simultaneously upward and downward. In a study of the way schools operate which concluded in 1972, where there are both teachers (the do-ers) and administrators (the managers), he found: For delivered innovations about teaching, 77% came from teachers, whilst […]

Professionalizing Innovation

I think the professionalization of innovation is something that companies must do sooner rather than later. One of the interesting things about working here at Spigit is you get to meet lots of different innovation teams, across many cultural, sector and national boundaries. Invariably, the innovators are people who’ve been thrown into the role from […]

We’re not artists, over here

Over at the Harvard Business Review, guest blogger Tony Golsby-Smith has written a post called Three Questions that will Kill Innovation. I read this post with not a few tuts and sighs. Why? Because it is a post which perpetuates the idea that innovation teams should not be accountable, must never have to fight other […]

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