How to do a Crowd

I work for a company that makes crowds for a living. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered (with the help of my colleagues) along the way: Crowds are only useful when the quality of the crowd output improves as the size of the crowd improves. It is easy to create big groups of […]

Courageous Patience

“Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” —  Howard Aiken This quote really rams it home for me. It goes to the number one reason innovation teams don’t achieve the kinds of success they imagine they deserve. They fail because they’re not […]

Innovation-In-A-Box Operating Instructions

Dear Customer, Thank you for buying Innovation-In-A-Box, the only product you’ll ever need to buy to drive innovation across your organisation. Unpacking Instructions Innovation-In-A-Box contains fragile components, such as creativity, precious flip charts, and colourful posters. These can be damaged if care is not exercised during unpacking. Also note the consultant inside the box is […]

10 Ways to Impress Your Customer

Never answer the question you’re asked. Clearly, any question a customer asks is not relevant to the main point you’re trying to get across. Make sure you only answer the questions you’d ask if you were the customer. I mean, you’re the one that created the solution, so naturally, you know the problem better than […]

10 Tips for Intrapreneurs

I spent a few hours the other day with a ultra-successful corporate intrapreneur. I was so impressed I thought I’d share her top ten tips for success. The business as it stands now today is the business. Accept that, don’t fight it. It’s the thing that’s providing you a job. That’s not the kind of […]

Innovation by the numbers

Here at Spigit, our company is run on a quarterly sales cycle, as are most American-headquartered organisations. The quarterly cycle causes us some disconnects here in Europe where things don’t run in quite the same sort of way, but they do create urgency and an imperative to deliver results. This morning, as I was having […]

I am an innovator. I am a crowd.

We are all – every one of us – innovators. Even if we only change a single thing about the way we personally work, it makes us innovators. Because we are all innovators, when we band together, we can create extraordinary things. Sometimes, our extraordinary creations are surprising to those in charge. Sometimes, they’re not […]

Communications as Crowd Control

I was reading this blog the other day from a disenfranchised individual in a large corporation (doesn’t matter which, but it wasn’t the Department), and he was complaining their central communication function was more about “crowd control” than empowering people with information to do their jobs. That’s an interesting term, crowd control, and it got […]

Self organising systems of adults

We’re getting ready to upgrade our desktop and server environments. Its about time, actually, since we’re still running on Windows XP with a backend that is really pretty antiquated. The upgrade will be to Windows 7, the latest versions of Office, and all the rest. One of the key things we’re concerned about is training […]

Game dynamics in the workplace

The other day, I was watching TED and came across this talk from a guy called Seth who wants to put a “game layer” on the real world. His arguments starts with the observation that the last decade was all about building the infrastructure to support connections between people. He goes on to say that […]

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