Middle management won’t innnovate

Middle managers get the metrics they’re supposed to achieve every year. They’re usually something like, “do more of the same, but make 30% more of it”. Now, put yourself in their shoes. You have to achieve more of the same. Do you suddenly think, “oh, I must innovate?”. Of course not. Are you delighted when […]

Why Your Brilliant Idea Just Got Watered Down to Nothing

What’s the reason so many great ideas turn out to be terrible ones once they’re out the door? Over time and many years, I’ve learned there are only a few reasons: “I did that” You know these people: they’re great at self promotion and talking loudly, but very poor at doing much else. They take […]

Innovation by the numbers

Here at Spigit, our company is run on a quarterly sales cycle, as are most American-headquartered organisations. The quarterly cycle causes us some disconnects here in Europe where things don’t run in quite the same sort of way, but they do create urgency and an imperative to deliver results. This morning, as I was having […]

Motivating Middle Management

I think I’m not the only person who’d make this observation: senior leaders get the need for innovation, and the front line gets the need for innovation, but middle managers sometimes don’t. That’s a huge generalisation, of course.  The actual situation is middle managers get innovation too, but it is often not in their interest […]

Self organising systems of adults

We’re getting ready to upgrade our desktop and server environments. Its about time, actually, since we’re still running on Windows XP with a backend that is really pretty antiquated. The upgrade will be to Windows 7, the latest versions of Office, and all the rest. One of the key things we’re concerned about is training […]

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