Little Innovation Book Finished

Over the Easter break, I finished uploading the whole of Little Innovation Book to the web. The whole is about 100 pages printed, so its an easy read that can be done in a day or so. I've also completed preparing the ePub version, which is available for download now if you have an ebook […]

Monetising an Online Book Part 1

The is an online book I’m proving free of charge for people thinking about starting an innovation effort. Well, actually, its not quite free. There are ads and some other things there as well. The other thing are the most interesting. Because I own the whole rights to the work, not my traditionalist publisher […]

Latest on The Little Innovation Book

I've posted the latest chapter of my ongoing online book- this time the new material is on the Three Key Questions for innovators.  I've also fixed the broken page turns on the last chapter (don't know how I missed that) on Managing Technologists.

How to Manage the Technologists – Little Innovation Book

The latest chapter is now available at the Little Innovation Book. The latest material covers the priorities of CIOs, and why IT organisations are so resistant to change. It also explains a few strategies innovators can use to help get things started when technology organisations are involved.

Commented on “Little Innovation Book”

Over at the Smarter Companies Blog ( there’s a debate going on that there’s no difference between Innovation Capital and Knowledge Capital. Interesting, but then how do you explain the failure of great knowledge capital companies like Sun Microsystems during the downturn? Originally posted as a comment by jawgardner on Little Innovation Book using DISQUS.

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