[Your Company] Says…

Idea management has gotten quite boring lately. Everyone, it seems has a tool. And they all do the same old thing. Put your idea in. Vote a few times.. Be irritated when no one cares. Repeat until you shut down idea management in disgust. I’ve been dark for the last month or so on this […]

How to do a Crowd

I work for a company that makes crowds for a living. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered (with the help of my colleagues) along the way: Crowds are only useful when the quality of the crowd output improves as the size of the crowd improves. It is easy to create big groups of […]

Crowds that can do things

It has been a fairly eventful couple of weeks. I’ve just returned from Australia, where I was speaking at AMPlify (see Kate Bennet’s writeup here, or if you want to watch my speech on Sidestep and Twist, it is here).  And from there, I went to New Zealand, dodging the fake ash cloud from Chile […]

I am an innovator. I am a crowd.

We are all – every one of us – innovators. Even if we only change a single thing about the way we personally work, it makes us innovators. Because we are all innovators, when we band together, we can create extraordinary things. Sometimes, our extraordinary creations are surprising to those in charge. Sometimes, they’re not […]

Unconference Crowd Sourced Strategy Pt. 2

CIO Magazine were interested enough in the discussion about our approach to using unconference and crowd sourcing methods to do IT strategy, that they asked us for a write up for their magazine. Its published here, for any of you who are interested in a few more details about what we did.

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