HSBC (First Direct) does do Mobile

Back in May last year, I complained about HSBC and its apparent lack of a mobile strategy. My complaints were purely selfish, because I wanted to be able to bank on my iPhone, and couldn’t find a way to do it. As an HSBC customer, I was jealous that other banks were offering something I […]

The future of financial services innovation

Over at Bankwatch, Colin says:  Its too bad this innovation panel brought out the usual bank thinking by focussing on what they thought they were doing that was innovative rather than greater focus on lessons learned. Now, let me just be clear and say that I was the moderator of that panel so I have […]

Webcast: Retail Banking Innovation

Late this afternoon I’m moderating a webcast on banking innovation at the LSE television studios with leaders from banks across Europe. Organised by Finextra, we’re going to be talking about the challenges for banks who are innovating and how some institutions are dealing with them. We’ll also be hearing the opinions of the panel on […]

Banking innovation’s death predicted early

Chris Skinner, much respected banking commentator and author suggests that banks have dropped the word “innovation” from their mantra. He says the focus on being innovative in banks was “a focal point during the 2000 and now its all over”. Supporting this point, he says that the number of times banks use the word in […]

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