Innovation and performance management

Hat tip to Stefan Lindegard who quotes David Nordfors post speaking to the challenges of the corporate innovator: “When someone tries to innovate within a traditional organization, few will understand what he/she is doing, but everybody will understand who is a trouble-maker. After the innovation has been embraced by the organization, few will remember who started […]

Kate Bennet on innovation

Kate Bennet has written an excellent post on her experiences working in our innovation team. She brings out 11 points – all of which hit the mark - on how to make an innovation function work in a large organisation.  Its excellent, so go and have a look.

“How Hits Work”: Talk Next Thursday in London

Next Thursday evening in Central London, with some colleagues past and present, I'm going to be presenting some of my work that's going into a book I'm calling "How Hits Work". The event is being run by Spigit, the enterprise innovation platform company. I've been invovled with Spigit for a few years now, and they're […]

Suppliers and innovation – our challenge.

Yesterday, I sat on a panel at 360 IT, a big infrastructure event. One of the questions I got asked (I paraphrase) was "supplier innovation – do you want it, and expect it?". My answer to this question was what you'd expect. Of course we want innovation from our supplier base. But I tempered my […]

The future of financial services innovation

Over at Bankwatch, Colin says:  Its too bad this innovation panel brought out the usual bank thinking by focussing on what they thought they were doing that was innovative rather than greater focus on lessons learned. Now, let me just be clear and say that I was the moderator of that panel so I have […]

Webcast: Retail Banking Innovation

Late this afternoon I’m moderating a webcast on banking innovation at the LSE television studios with leaders from banks across Europe. Organised by Finextra, we’re going to be talking about the challenges for banks who are innovating and how some institutions are dealing with them. We’ll also be hearing the opinions of the panel on […]

Why is the failure rate so high in innovation?

Why is it there's such a high failure rate in innovation efforts?  Why is it I run around talking about our (the departments) 10% success rate on new ideas and think that's a good performance? And why is it that other organisations are thrilled when they get even one new thing out the door? I think […]

9 signs you know you shouldn’t bother with innovation

1. There is no money. Organisations sometimes think you can get innovation without investment. They believe in an “innovation culture” where employees do new things as part of their day job. The reality is that innovative companies have creative employees and some kind of formal enablement. Enablement costs money. Companies that don’t spend any (hoping that […]

Empire Disruption

My experience is that big organsiations create situations where the politics of success dictate you grow your control of people and resources, even when that is counterproductive to the task you’re actually supposed to be achieving.  You see it all the time, in fact: groups which have, for example, their own HR organsiations, even when […]

Be Ready to be Fired

There are really two kinds of people who do innovation jobs. Those who rock the boat, and those who don’t. My observation is the latter usually don’t make much difference to anything. They’re too scared to make a difference. Because they’re scared, they only consider doing things that don’t matter much. The fact is this. […]

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