Breakthroughs Don’t Pay

An excerpt from [amazon_link id=”9814351105″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sidestep and Twist[/amazon_link],  (your comments welcome!): One of the greatest myths of our time is this: if you create something original, something that’s genuinely a breakthrough, you have a better than average chance of getting rich. For most businesses and most entrepreneurs, this notion is something of […]

Signs Your Company Will Suffer Disruption Failure

The money is coming in, and you are able to raise prices whilst winning ever bigger deals. This conceals the fact that at the low end your salespeople are losing deals on price. Your organisation is the market leader, and everyone believes that in order to keep that position, all that’s necessary is to keep […]

Interesting 5 via Toronto

Over the last week, I spent time in Toronto, where I came across these 5 items I felt interesting enough to post… and comment on: EasyJet Founder set to Launch EasyJet Competitor I’m inclined to think that whatever Stelios launches next will benefit from all the stuff he learned with EasyJet, and yet will be […]

Bank changes? Not So Much.

Last week, I spent time at SIBOS, which is the world’s largest banking conference. Whilst there, I participated in Innotribe, the stream SIBOS dedicates to matters of innovation in financial services. Something interesting was very evident. Basically, the crowd settled into two camps. On the one hand were those that predicted that innovation in financial […]

Interesting 5 via NYC

I was in New York City last week, being part of the Gamification Summit. Whilst I was there, the following five things were interesting enough for me to post… and comment on 4 Considerations for Expanding your Startup to International Markets “1. Clearly define your business model. 2. Build and foster your community. Relocate to […]

3 Big Megatrends

Yesterday, as part of a study I’m helping a collaborator with, I was asked what I thought the big mega trends affecting the remainder of the decade will be. Considering that’s one of the major drivers for Sidestep and Twist, my about-to-come-out book, I thought I’d share my answer with you on this blog. No […]

How to do a Crowd

I work for a company that makes crowds for a living. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered (with the help of my colleagues) along the way: Crowds are only useful when the quality of the crowd output improves as the size of the crowd improves. It is easy to create big groups of […]

The New Ten Command-ments

I am Innovation, and you shall have no other strategy before me. You shall not bow down before false idols, not even if they are called Six-Sigma or Lean, for I am a jealous strategy that will brook no competition. You shall not take my name in vain, not even in arguments about what my […]

Crowds that can do things

It has been a fairly eventful couple of weeks. I’ve just returned from Australia, where I was speaking at AMPlify (see Kate Bennet’s writeup here, or if you want to watch my speech on Sidestep and Twist, it is here).  And from there, I went to New Zealand, dodging the fake ash cloud from Chile […]

10 Ways to Impress Your Customer

Never answer the question you’re asked. Clearly, any question a customer asks is not relevant to the main point you’re trying to get across. Make sure you only answer the questions you’d ask if you were the customer. I mean, you’re the one that created the solution, so naturally, you know the problem better than […]

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