Innovators, don’t create!

The other day, I gave a presentation on some of the material from my new book Sidestep and Twist. If you’ve been reading here for a while, you’ll know the basic premise of this book is most of the big hits of recent times haven’t been especially new, and they’ve used things other than features […]

An Update on Spigit EMEA

Today, I thought I’d make some comments on the progress of Spigit EMEA. I’ve been with the company, now, for almost 5 months. It has been something of a ride. As you know, I left the Civil Service to work for Spigit in the middle of January.  It was the culmination of many years of […]

Innovation by the numbers

Here at Spigit, our company is run on a quarterly sales cycle, as are most American-headquartered organisations. The quarterly cycle causes us some disconnects here in Europe where things don’t run in quite the same sort of way, but they do create urgency and an imperative to deliver results. This morning, as I was having […]

Innovation is a Two-Sided market

For my latest book, Sidestep & Twist, I’ve been working hard with the economics of two-sided markets. The theory of these is not especially complex, even when all the economists start writing their equations. Basically, the idea is there’s some kind of platform operated by a firm that serves two or more groups of customers.  […]

From Public to Private: Relections on 30 days at Spigit

Some of you have asked me what the transition from public sector to a startup has been like. Others of you have been interested in what working at Spigit is like. So I thought I’d answer both questions today – the anniversary of my first month with the company. For me, the biggest difference between […]

Taking-things-away Value

At Quora, someone asked this question: “Why is Dropbox more popular than other programs with similar functionality” A respondent named Michael Wolfe wrote back with what is probably the best and most amusing answer on Quora yet (read the whole thing): “There would be a folder. You’d put your stuff in it. It would sync. […]

Motivating Middle Management

I think I’m not the only person who’d make this observation: senior leaders get the need for innovation, and the front line gets the need for innovation, but middle managers sometimes don’t. That’s a huge generalisation, of course.  The actual situation is middle managers get innovation too, but it is often not in their interest […]

“How Hits Work”: Talk Next Thursday in London

Next Thursday evening in Central London, with some colleagues past and present, I'm going to be presenting some of my work that's going into a book I'm calling "How Hits Work". The event is being run by Spigit, the enterprise innovation platform company. I've been invovled with Spigit for a few years now, and they're […]

Game dynamics in the workplace

The other day, I was watching TED and came across this talk from a guy called Seth who wants to put a “game layer” on the real world. His arguments starts with the observation that the last decade was all about building the infrastructure to support connections between people. He goes on to say that […]

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