Protecting Customers not Corporates

On Twitter, Paul Vincent (@cybersecurer), one of the very few IT Security people I know who can claim their title isn’t Business Prevention Officer, asks this: [quote]@bankervision If information scarcity is no longer competitive advantage, do the infosec requirements change? I think so #[amazon_link id=”9814351105″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]sidestepandtwist[/amazon_link][/quote] Paul is referring, I think, to […]

What Glee Teaches us about Product Development

So I have this dirty little secret. It is that I quite like Glee, that show about an American school choir. I like it enough, in fact, that I watched the Glee Concert Movie on Satuday. In fact, I like it enough that I even watched the 3d version, and put the glasses on my […]

Sidestep and Twist is Out in the UK

My new book Sidestep and Twist is now available in the United Kingdom, with release in the US later this month. We’ll be having launch parties in the UK in early February, and East and West Coast US ones later the same month. More details on those soon. You can get it from Amazon. It […]

Innovation Nightmares

Not everything new is good. Just because it is new doesn’t make it right. And, of course, doing things first, is not necessarily all you need for success. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s almost always this unhealthy dose of cynicism about innovation efforts. It comes about because people have a history of […]

Breakthroughs Don’t Pay

An excerpt from [amazon_link id=”9814351105″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sidestep and Twist[/amazon_link],  (your comments welcome!): One of the greatest myths of our time is this: if you create something original, something that’s genuinely a breakthrough, you have a better than average chance of getting rich. For most businesses and most entrepreneurs, this notion is something of […]

The Technical Innovation Debt

The other day I noticed something which is pretty obvious in retrospect: there seems to be some kind of relationship between the degree of innovation and technical debt in products and services. Technical debt is a term which was coined by Ward Cunningam, who explained it thus: Shipping first time code is like going into […]

Sidestep and Twist

Yesterday, I finally agreed with my publisher the name of my new book. Previously, I’ve been calling it “How hits work”, and while that’s a reflection of the content, its kind of boring. So the new name is Sidestep and Twist, which is much catchier. The basic premise of the book is here. In the […]

How Hits Work – Don’t Bother with Radical

As an innovation person, I’m always startled when I see a product or service which turns into a huge, overnight hit. Especially one which comes from nowhere. The reason I’m startled is that innovation academics have long used a thing called diffusion theory to explain how new ideas get adopted by populations. The long and […]

Where is the HSBC Mobile Offer?

The results of the election in the UK have not yet been called, which means I still can’t talk about some of the things I’ve got backed up. In the meantime, Aden Davies (@aden_76) provokes me that I should “write a constructive post with a dedicated URL to get us off the ventilator”. So let […]

Little Innovation Book Finished

Over the Easter break, I finished uploading the whole of Little Innovation Book to the web. The whole is about 100 pages printed, so its an easy read that can be done in a day or so. I've also completed preparing the ePub version, which is available for download now if you have an ebook […]

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