Signs Your Company Will Suffer Disruption Failure

The money is coming in, and you are able to raise prices whilst winning ever bigger deals. This conceals the fact that at the low end your salespeople are losing deals on price. Your organisation is the market leader, and everyone believes that in order to keep that position, all that’s necessary is to keep […]

List on Tuesday: 4 Secret Signals You’re Getting Cancelled

 You show up to the CEO with a bunch of ideas in your hand and he or she congratulates you for coming up with them. The secret signal: the boss wants you out of the office as quickly as possible, and isn’t really interested in a discussion about next steps because your track record in […]

List Tuesday: 5 Things Not to Say to Your Laggard Boss

1. If it is “innovate or die”, you need to die before I can innovate 2. I respect your achievements in making sure nothing changes not matter what I do 3. If I told you everything I was doing, you’d wear your mouth out saying “no” 4. Do you know what an “Innovation Antibody” is? […]

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