Singapore Interesting

Over the last week, I was in Singapore with Microsoft and others. Whilst I was there, I found these things interesting enough to note… and comment on. Having a bright idea now takes 20 years longer “ALBERT Einstein famously declared anyone who hadn’t made a scientific breakthrough by the age of 30 never would. That […]

Interesting 5 from Dana Point

Over the last week I spent time at Dana Point, in California, where I was attending Spigit’s annual Innovation Summit. It was an excellent event, and whilst I was there, I came across these things I thought were interesting enough post… and comment on. Why Jobs was no Edison  Some 130 years after Edison’s remarkable […]

Interesting 5 via Toronto

Over the last week, I spent time in Toronto, where I came across these 5 items I felt interesting enough to post… and comment on: EasyJet Founder set to Launch EasyJet Competitor I’m inclined to think that whatever Stelios launches next will benefit from all the stuff he learned with EasyJet, and yet will be […]

Interesting 5 via NYC

I was in New York City last week, being part of the Gamification Summit. Whilst I was there, the following five things were interesting enough for me to post… and comment on 4 Considerations for Expanding your Startup to International Markets “1. Clearly define your business model. 2. Build and foster your community. Relocate to […]

Interesting 5

5 things I came across during the course of the week I thought interesting enough to share… and comment on. 1. As Bartz firing shows, patience is wearing thin at big tech corporate boards Personally, I don’t know why anyone should be surprised that delivering results has come back into fashion. The only surprise is it […]

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