Actual Innovation Returns

Continuing with rehashing interesting innovation research check out these conclusions: (I quote directly): Total market returns to an innovation project are $643 million, substantially greater than $49, the returns to an average event in the innovation project. Of three sets of activities of innovation (setup, development, and market), returns to the development activities are consistently […]

The future of innovation, discovered in 1972

Basically, a scientific paper by Richard Daft*, since cited over 1000 times, found organisational innovations trickle simultaneously upward and downward. In a study of the way schools operate which concluded in 1972, where there are both teachers (the do-ers) and administrators (the managers), he found: For delivered innovations about teaching, 77% came from teachers, whilst […]

Why your genius new idea is already forgotten

Every idea is great if its yours. Your friend’s idea is great because it came from your friend. Your bosses idea might be great if you agree with it, because it came from your boss Everything else is probably irrelevant. At least in the context of everything else you need to care about today. Ideas […]

Middle management won’t innnovate

Middle managers get the metrics they’re supposed to achieve every year. They’re usually something like, “do more of the same, but make 30% more of it”. Now, put yourself in their shoes. You have to achieve more of the same. Do you suddenly think, “oh, I must innovate?”. Of course not. Are you delighted when […]

Instead, prove an idea is bad enough to stop

The Premiumization of Pebble

I’m back

I’ve been away from this blog now for 1 year and 2 months. But I’ve decided, in 2014, its the year to start writing again. I hope some of you who read me in the past will still be around to hear from me again. And there’s so much to talk about and write about! […]

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