Dodging the PoopPiles

PoopPiles: defn: all those things people leave around which will derail your programme if you go near them.

Don’t look forward, look downward! When you’re building brand new things, here are five points to note if you want to avoid PoopPiles :

  1. PoopPiles are everywhere.  They’re strewn around like landmines, and, if you step in one, you don’t explode, you just smell. The result is no one will work with you again. The lesson? Make sure you know where all the PoopPiles are before you start walking.
  2. PoopPiles are magically able to levitate, but have very little sense of direction. If there is a fan in the room, they will certainly fly into it. Therefore, if your new thing relies on magic of any kind, be very, very careful.
  3. The PoopPile is invisible in the dark. You will certainly not see it on the ground (or flying, if it has activated its magic), so you need light. There is a key learning here, and it is this: make sure you have light, and it is strong enough to illuminate everything.
  4. Given enough time, PoopPiles dry out and look like rocks. No matter what they look like, they’re not rocks. You can’t use them to build anything. So don’t try.
  5. PoopPiles are useful signposts, since they tell you what’s happened in the past. They’re hopeless, however, at giving you any insight into what will happen in the future. Luckily,  with two eyes, you can spare one for looking ahead whilst not impacting your ability to look downward.

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