4 Signs Your New Feature is a Waste of Time

  1. There is a core set of functionality everyone has and which is easy to build. It is also the core set of functionality that the market demands. You may have dreamed up something new, but it is probably irrelevant to current buyers unless you change the playing field in the space of the core functionality. Solution: The only feature worth doing beyond the core is the one that changes the basis of value for everything else.
  2. Your roadmap is filled with incremental innovations on the same theme. Unfortunately, you’ll only have competitive parity for a bit longer than if you’d done nothing, because the competitive battleground in every category is shifting from products to platforms. Solution: dump your roadmap and reimagine your business as a platform play.
  3.  Your new feature is technically difficult to replicate and protected by patents and all the rest. It may even do something useful. However, the only features beyond core that really matter are those that motivate your customers to get more customers for you.  Solution: Stop building, and start thinking. About customer delight, about creating joy in their lives. Then they’ll create joy in yours.
  4. There is price pressure in your category coming from the bottom of the market. If people you’re pitching to are able to seriously consider a competitor that charges less, and does less, the danger is your price is going to collapse no matter what stuff you build. Solution: you need to create something that drives value independently of the feature set.

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