4 Signs Your New Feature is a Waste of Time

There is a core set of functionality everyone has and which is easy to build. It is also the core set of functionality that the market demands. You may have dreamed up something new, but it is probably irrelevant to current buyers unless you change the playing field in the space of the core functionality. […]

Breakthroughs Don’t Pay

An excerpt from [amazon_link id=”9814351105″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Sidestep and Twist[/amazon_link],  (your comments welcome!): One of the greatest myths of our time is this: if you create something original, something that’s genuinely a breakthrough, you have a better than average chance of getting rich. For most businesses and most entrepreneurs, this notion is something of […]

Interesting 5 from Dana Point

Over the last week I spent time at Dana Point, in California, where I was attending Spigit’s annual Innovation Summit. It was an excellent event, and whilst I was there, I came across these things I thought were interesting enough post… and comment on. Why Jobs was no Edison  Some 130 years after Edison’s remarkable […]

Signs Your Company Will Suffer Disruption Failure

The money is coming in, and you are able to raise prices whilst winning ever bigger deals. This conceals the fact that at the low end your salespeople are losing deals on price. Your organisation is the market leader, and everyone believes that in order to keep that position, all that’s necessary is to keep […]

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