The New Ten Command-ments

  • I am Innovation, and you shall have no other strategy before me.
  • You shall not bow down before false idols, not even if they are called Six-Sigma or Lean, for I am a jealous strategy that will brook no competition.
  • You shall not take my name in vain, not even in arguments about what my name means.
  • Every day is holy. Even Sunday, when you shall dream up new things to do in my name.
  • Honour your father and mother. Also make sure to honour your boss, without whom, you will be unable to do anything.
  • You shall not kill an idea without a good reason. At least, not any decent ones that look like they might go somewhere.
  • You shall not get bored with an idea and move onto a new one. Not even if you say you can “multitask”.
  • You shall not steal the ideas of colleagues. But it is all right to do so if you call it “collaboration”.
  • You shall not bear false witness, such as, for example, pretending that “productivity improvements” are equal to earning cash.
  • You will not covet your competitors ideation system or methods. Even if you are HP or RIM, or Nokia or Microsoft, and you want to be Steve Jobs.

One Response to“The New Ten Command-ments”

  1. July 5, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    Ooops, and it is James Gardner, the man with the “sidestep and twist” 😉 The ten commandments are so true and on my daily agenda –

    Cheers from good old Dresden

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