Epic Idea Management #Fails

You install a tool and imagine your work is done. Actually, the work is just starting, because getting a working community built is actually really hard. Noone, but noone, shows up because you have a cool tool. On the other hand, they’ll come if their colleagues are already participating. Hard, hard work is the only […]

Ballmer is so not incompetent

Often, so often these days, I hear people blaming Steve Ballmer for the various missteps that Microsoft’s made of late. Even employees of Microsoft. Incompetent, they scream! Destroyer of shareholder value, they cry! Stupidly, incredibly lacking in vision they moan, as they opine on various alternate strategies that the company might pursue if only there […]

Crowds that can do things

It has been a fairly eventful couple of weeks. I’ve just returned from Australia, where I was speaking at AMPlify (see Kate Bennet’s writeup here, or if you want to watch my speech on Sidestep and Twist, it is here).  And from there, I went to New Zealand, dodging the fake ash cloud from Chile […]

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