10 Tips for Intrapreneurs

I spent a few hours the other day with a ultra-successful corporate intrapreneur. I was so impressed I thought I’d share her top ten tips for success. The business as it stands now today is the business. Accept that, don’t fight it. It’s the thing that’s providing you a job. That’s not the kind of […]

Innovation by the numbers

Here at Spigit, our company is run on a quarterly sales cycle, as are most American-headquartered organisations. The quarterly cycle causes us some disconnects here in Europe where things don’t run in quite the same sort of way, but they do create urgency and an imperative to deliver results. This morning, as I was having […]

Beware the Company Killer

Company killers are everywhere. No one ever believes their industry or segment will get disrupted by a company killer. Time and time again I’ve shown example after example of it happening  everywhere and people respond with: “Yes, but it couldn’t happen here because…”. The “because” is always some specific competitive advantage held by their organisation […]

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