I am an innovator. I am a crowd.

We are all – every one of us – innovators. Even if we only change a single thing about the way we personally work, it makes us innovators. Because we are all innovators, when we band together, we can create extraordinary things. Sometimes, our extraordinary creations are surprising to those in charge. Sometimes, they’re not […]

10 ways to know you are with a real innovator

You are excited. You are energised. You are inspired. You know you are with a real innovator because they are special people who create and magnify emotions in those with whom they work. A real innovator always sees the greatness in others and gets excited about it themselves.  Having greatness surround them reminds them why […]

We’re not artists, over here

Over at the Harvard Business Review, guest blogger Tony Golsby-Smith has written a post called Three Questions that will Kill Innovation. I read this post with not a few tuts and sighs. Why? Because it is a post which perpetuates the idea that innovation teams should not be accountable, must never have to fight other […]

Innovation is a Two-Sided market

For my latest book, Sidestep & Twist, I’ve been working hard with the economics of two-sided markets. The theory of these is not especially complex, even when all the economists start writing their equations. Basically, the idea is there’s some kind of platform operated by a firm that serves two or more groups of customers.  […]

The innovation keystone

Innovation Keystones are those parts of a truly unique value proposition which, when varied, have disproportionate effect on the customer.

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