A new kind of innovation hero

I read this morning the board of Apple is facing a bit of a shareholder backlash. Investors want to see a succession plan for Steve Jobs, who’s taken medical leave for the third time in seven years. And the board don’t want to tell them what’s contained in the plan for fear of “revealing secret […]

From Public to Private: Relections on 30 days at Spigit

Some of you have asked me what the transition from public sector to a startup has been like. Others of you have been interested in what working at Spigit is like. So I thought I’d answer both questions today – the anniversary of my first month with the company. For me, the biggest difference between […]

My naughtiest posts of all time

Over the last week or so, I’ve been getting a massive number of hits from StumbleUpon on a post I wrote over a year ago called “How you know you’re with smart people“. At the time I wrote it, I’d just come from a group discussion populated by people who made sure everyone knew they […]

Taking-things-away Value

At Quora, someone asked this question: “Why is Dropbox more popular than other programs with similar functionality” A respondent named Michael Wolfe wrote back with what is probably the best and most amusing answer on Quora yet (read the whole thing): “There would be a folder. You’d put your stuff in it. It would sync. […]

Innovation at National Scale

This week, a new report which compares the innovation performance of the European Union’s member countries, emerging countries such as Brazil and China, and the US and Japan came out. Each country was assigned a score based on a range of national innovation “indicators”, things that included number of patents, doctoral degrees awarded, and similar. […]

Motivating Middle Management

I think I’m not the only person who’d make this observation: senior leaders get the need for innovation, and the front line gets the need for innovation, but middle managers sometimes don’t. That’s a huge generalisation, of course.  The actual situation is middle managers get innovation too, but it is often not in their interest […]

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