Most innovation programmes don’t work

Most innovation programmes don’t work. The ones that don’t work spend their time trying to execute big, material challenges at enterprise-scale. The rest limp along doing boring, incremental innovation at volume. Now, I don’t for a moment suggest that big challenges aren’t worthy of attention, or that innovators shouldn’t be thinking about them. But I […]

HSBC (First Direct) does do Mobile

Back in May last year, I complained about HSBC and its apparent lack of a mobile strategy. My complaints were purely selfish, because I wanted to be able to bank on my iPhone, and couldn’t find a way to do it. As an HSBC customer, I was jealous that other banks were offering something I […]

Dear Senior Executive

I understand you’ve been given responsibility for innovation. I’ve heard on the grapevine that you’re excited about it, and planning great things. I think it will be thrilling to see what you create. But please take a few words of advice…

The greatest invention of the next 10 years

Over at the highly addictive Quora, the question was asked “What will be the greatest invention of the next 10 years?” Here is my answer from the site: Personally, I think the greatest invention of the next 10 years will not be a technology at all. I think it will be the discovery and implementation […]

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