Its not about faith any more

Sadly, I have heard today another innovation effort I’ve been following has died aborning. They got so close, too. Well, maybe not died, but “put on hold”, which is the usual line you get from senior execs who haven’t quite been able to take the leap of faith that’s needed to execute an innovation effort. […]

Promotions Cultures & Innovation

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed working for Government*, it is there’s an endemic promotions culture here, far worse than anything I’ve seen anywhere else. A promotions culture is what you get when the main objective of everything you do at work is to get to the next grade level. For some people, that’s a […]

Reboot business as usual

I think it is time we considered taking radical steps. The problem, you see, is that even though everyone says innovation is important, that it’ll be the driver of all future competitive advantage, and those organisations that fail to innovate will die, no one really believes it. Or at least, they don’t believe it in […]

The (other) innovators dilemma

Everyone knows sooner or later some upstart is going to come along with something that disrupts your business. And everyone knows that the chances of executing a "disrupt yourself" strategy to avoid the upstart it is practically impossible, because you have all these incumbent people hell bent on preserving what's working now. That's the innovators' […]

Innovation and performance management

Hat tip to Stefan Lindegard who quotes David Nordfors post speaking to the challenges of the corporate innovator: “When someone tries to innovate within a traditional organization, few will understand what he/she is doing, but everybody will understand who is a trouble-maker. After the innovation has been embraced by the organization, few will remember who started […]

Kate Bennet on innovation

Kate Bennet has written an excellent post on her experiences working in our innovation team. She brings out 11 points – all of which hit the mark - on how to make an innovation function work in a large organisation.  Its excellent, so go and have a look.

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