Suppliers and innovation – our challenge.

Yesterday, I sat on a panel at 360 IT, a big infrastructure event. One of the questions I got asked (I paraphrase) was "supplier innovation – do you want it, and expect it?". My answer to this question was what you'd expect. Of course we want innovation from our supplier base. But I tempered my […]

The future of financial services innovation

Over at Bankwatch, Colin says:  Its too bad this innovation panel brought out the usual bank thinking by focussing on what they thought they were doing that was innovative rather than greater focus on lessons learned. Now, let me just be clear and say that I was the moderator of that panel so I have […]

Self organising systems of adults

We’re getting ready to upgrade our desktop and server environments. Its about time, actually, since we’re still running on Windows XP with a backend that is really pretty antiquated. The upgrade will be to Windows 7, the latest versions of Office, and all the rest. One of the key things we’re concerned about is training […]

Webcast: Retail Banking Innovation

Late this afternoon I’m moderating a webcast on banking innovation at the LSE television studios with leaders from banks across Europe. Organised by Finextra, we’re going to be talking about the challenges for banks who are innovating and how some institutions are dealing with them. We’ll also be hearing the opinions of the panel on […]

Game dynamics in the workplace

The other day, I was watching TED and came across this talk from a guy called Seth who wants to put a “game layer” on the real world. His arguments starts with the observation that the last decade was all about building the infrastructure to support connections between people. He goes on to say that […]

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