How Hits Work – Don’t Bother with Radical

As an innovation person, I’m always startled when I see a product or service which turns into a huge, overnight hit. Especially one which comes from nowhere. The reason I’m startled is that innovation academics have long used a thing called diffusion theory to explain how new ideas get adopted by populations. The long and […]

Optimising return on influence

In almost all organisations there is an authority asymmetry. The number of people who are empower to say “no” is usually much greater than those who are empowered to say “yes”. This is because organisations are much more comfortable with staying the same than agreeing to changes. Empowering people to say “no” is a safe […]

Why did I upgrade to iPhone 4?

I hate to admit it, but I have an iPhone 4. I didn’t stand in the queue to get one, at least. But I didn’t need to upgrade, and I did it anyway.  Apple, on their website, described iPhone4 like this: “This changes everything. Again”. The fact is, there is not a single feature in this […]

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