Asking for Authority

If you are doing something genuinely new, you can waste a lot of time tooling about trying to find someone with authority to say “Yes”. Frankly, if  whatever-it-is is that new, no-one will know if they have the authority or not. So, unless you’re asking the very top guy for permission, you’re far better off […]

9 signs you know you shouldn’t bother with innovation

1. There is no money. Organisations sometimes think you can get innovation without investment. They believe in an “innovation culture” where employees do new things as part of their day job. The reality is that innovative companies have creative employees and some kind of formal enablement. Enablement costs money. Companies that don’t spend any (hoping that […]

The “Gone-Native” Account Director

What follows is another excerpt from my forthcoming volume on the way the enterprise sale appears from the inside: “Gone native” is generally hated by Sales Directors because their traditional tools of control: the pipeline, the contact reports, the CRM systems, and, ultimately the target, are all pretty much incidental to the gone-native. Gone-Natives do […]

Empire Disruption

My experience is that big organsiations create situations where the politics of success dictate you grow your control of people and resources, even when that is counterproductive to the task you’re actually supposed to be achieving.  You see it all the time, in fact: groups which have, for example, their own HR organsiations, even when […]

Be Ready to be Fired

There are really two kinds of people who do innovation jobs. Those who rock the boat, and those who don’t. My observation is the latter usually don’t make much difference to anything. They’re too scared to make a difference. Because they’re scared, they only consider doing things that don’t matter much. The fact is this. […]

Tricks Vendors Play

This is an extract from the second chapter of my next work on what the enterprise sale looks like from the buy-side. I've stopped writing "One Big Thing" temporarily to do this, because I'm of the view that a decent guide for enterprise salespeople – not written by a salesman –is overdue. Hopefully, there's some […]

Walking with Dinosaurs

Tomorrow, I’m going to be giving a talk to a group of young people who have come to our organisation through our graduate programme. They are all very, very bright, and some of them are just about the most motivated to succeed I’ve seen in a while. I love working with people at the start […]

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