Is it really over for Microsoft?

It was with great interest – though not that much surprise – that I noted the news this morning that Apple has finally overtaken Microsoft in market cap. The market, clearly, thinks the future fortunes of the former are rather more steady than those of the latter. Personally, I have to agree with the market. […]

An excerpt from my latest book

As I said a week or so ago, I’m busily writing a manual for enterprise sales people. Here’s another excerpt, this time from the Introduction. If you are an Account Director that’s responsible for selling to large organizations, you’ll be well aware of the traditional challenges involved in closing a deal. You have to build […]

The Vendor Manual on Customers

I do a lot of meetings with vendors. A lot of meetings. And, as you'll know if you've been reading here for any amount of time, I'm of the view that many of these meetings are (frankly) a waste of time. Not all of them, by any stretch, but a very sizable percentage. I'm beginning […]

Never waste a crisis

I’m in Malaysia presently speaking at a banking conference (civil service watchers – I’ve taken annual leave to do so). A question I’ve just gotten is “what is necessary to make a bank go after radical innovation”? My answer was “you need to be staring death in the face”. This is true for most organizations, […]

Where is the HSBC Mobile Offer?

The results of the election in the UK have not yet been called, which means I still can’t talk about some of the things I’ve got backed up. In the meantime, Aden Davies (@aden_76) provokes me that I should “write a constructive post with a dedicated URL to get us off the ventilator”. So let […]

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