Using people as glue

Sometimes, you’re in a meeting, and the technical people will say that they have to do huge amounts of integration to get X old system to work with Y new one. The integration, because it involves your old stuff, will be expensive and time consuming. You sigh and wonder how you are ever going to […]

The next big sale

I am amazed, constantly, that people fail to get that being an employee is no different to running any other kind of small business. Everything you have to do to make a small business work has to be done when you’re an employee as well. The only difference is that you’ve got guaranteed income. Guaranteed […]

5 signs you are stuck with an Oxygen Thief

Oxygen Thief (def): An individual who uses up the air supply in a meeting at a disproportionate rate compared to their contribution. The top five signs you’re in a meeting with an oxygen thief are these: They always speak more quickly than anyone else. They speak so quickly because they know the supply of oxygen […]

Beauty is the new must-have feature

 There is a new must-have feature in tech products, and that is “beauty”. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but everyone seems to be advertising their “beautiful” design lately, and I know that when I’m choosing software at home, I always want to see what it looks like before I even bother to download. Beauty […]

Little Innovation Book Finished

Over the Easter break, I finished uploading the whole of Little Innovation Book to the web. The whole is about 100 pages printed, so its an easy read that can be done in a day or so. I've also completed preparing the ePub version, which is available for download now if you have an ebook […]

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