Boring innovation

Robert Brook (hat-tip to PubStrat) suggests that: Innovation has become boring in a bad way. Innovation could be boring in a good way. The premise, Robert suggests, is that management thinking has made innovation a business process that stifles creative thinking. Best not to apply any business processes, like Project Management or budgeting. He goes […]

Does the computer experience have to be awful in the workplace?

Its been a few years now that people have been talking about “consumerisation”, which is the idea that you can want and expect the same kind of computing experiences at work as you get at home. But, as everyone who works in a large company knows, you never get such an experience at work. Everything […]

Fake Experts

It is possible that the most frustrating thing ever is to have to sit through meetings with people who have declared that they’re experts, and then discover that they aren’t. Here are the top five categories of people I’ve come across in the last couple of weeks who fit this category: 1. Innovation experts who […]

Monetising an Online Book Part 1

The is an online book I’m proving free of charge for people thinking about starting an innovation effort. Well, actually, its not quite free. There are ads and some other things there as well. The other thing are the most interesting. Because I own the whole rights to the work, not my traditionalist publisher […]

Banking innovation’s death predicted early

Chris Skinner, much respected banking commentator and author suggests that banks have dropped the word “innovation” from their mantra. He says the focus on being innovative in banks was “a focal point during the 2000 and now its all over”. Supporting this point, he says that the number of times banks use the word in […]

Five IT-Shop Sacred Cows

1. Myth: If you get more “efficient” at IT, you will get a more “efficient” organisation. Reality: The more cost you take out of IT, the worse it is for users and customers. Optimising your cost  base to the point, for example, where users have a PC that is orders of magnitude less capable than […]

Latest on The Little Innovation Book

I've posted the latest chapter of my ongoing online book- this time the new material is on the Three Key Questions for innovators.  I've also fixed the broken page turns on the last chapter (don't know how I missed that) on Managing Technologists.

The dark, middle and current ages of IT organisations

In the dark ages, your position in an IT organisation was determined by how many systems and people you controlled. This was a useful proxy for money, of course, but the real deal was how big an impact things had when they went wrong. If you were “mission critical”, boy were you safe in your […]

The rise of Open Source Hardware

Last week, I attended a speech by Chris Anderson, author of the the Long Tail, and more recently, of Free. In his spare time, he’s also the Editor of Wired. The speech was not about, however, Wired, or Free, or Long Tails – he was talking all about Open Source Hardware, which is this astoundingly […]

How to Manage the Technologists – Little Innovation Book

The latest chapter is now available at the Little Innovation Book. The latest material covers the priorities of CIOs, and why IT organisations are so resistant to change. It also explains a few strategies innovators can use to help get things started when technology organisations are involved.

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