Know the role of your innovators

I’ve uploaded the latest rule for start-up innovation programmes to The Little Innovation Book. It’s an online experiment to see what happens when you try adding user commentary to every single page of a free book online. Few people are commenting yet though… far fewer than are actually reading, given the web stats I’m getting. I wonder if that mean people don’t like this particular way of reading?

Would love to hear your views on that.

Anyway, in the latest rule, I suggest you need to define the role of the innovators in an organisation, before you start innovating. This, of course, goes to the question of whether what you’re building is an innovation culture or an innovation team.

I also contrast the entrepreneurial versus the investor mentality in an innovation leader.

Both of these are fiery debates I’ve had in the past with practitioners and non-practitioners alike. They are questions that cause as many arguments, even, as the debate over “what constitutes innovation”.

Hope you enjoy.

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