Unconference Crowd Sourced Strategy Pt. 2

CIO Magazine were interested enough in the discussion about our approach to using unconference and crowd sourcing methods to do IT strategy, that they asked us for a write up for their magazine. Its published here, for any of you who are interested in a few more details about what we did.

The future of Australian banking

Over the past week, I’ve had the chance to reconnect with some of my Australian banking colleagues. Australia is very unusual from a financial services perspective – they were largely untouched during the global financial crisis, and my suspicion is this has made them a bit complacent. Whilst the rest of the industry has started […]

10 ways you know you’re with smart people

1. They don’t talk as much as you, because they know they got smart by listening. 2. They know lots of things other than what they’re specialised in. Theirs is the gift of a broad mind, constantly fed with the stimulant of being interested in what everyone else is doing. 3. They juggle home, work […]

That higher degree

I’m sighing here, because I’ve just heard from an another very good IT professional who has decided their career will be immeasurably enhanced by doing a higher degree. I’m sighing not because I don’t think there is value in higher degrees from an academic perspective, but because this individual thinks that anyone cares about the […]

When failure is not an option

Over on The Little Innovation Book, Malcolm Lowe asks the question: What are your thoughts on organisations were failure maybe is not an option. For example nuclear physics, NASA or a government organisation that pays benefits. In these situations failure could be disastrous. What strategy would you recommend in these types of organisations? This is […]

Local knowledge is everything

As I mentioned in my last post, I was doing work on the frontline with some our staff in JobCentre Plus last week. I was in a disadvantaged area in Scotland, somewhere around Glasgow, and  as I said before, the experience was incredibly valuable. It is so easy to imagine how things will work in […]

Halfway through my week at the front line

As you know, if you’ve been following me on Twitter, this week, I’ve been working at the front line of the Department – in a Job Centre in a challenging area in Scotland. Banking readers: Job Centres are the UK goverment’s centres that help unemployed people find work. They are also the face to face […]

Know the role of your innovators

I’ve uploaded the latest rule for start-up innovation programmes to The Little Innovation Book. It’s an online experiment to see what happens when you try adding user commentary to every single page of a free book online. Few people are commenting yet though… far fewer than are actually reading, given the web stats I’m getting. […]

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