iPad isn’t a thrill yet, but will be.

Like so many other people I know, I spent some time last night watching the live blogging from the Apple iPad launch event. Also, like so many other people I know, I was somewhat disappointed with what I saw. The device itself, of course, is magnificent. It looks beautiful, it obviously feels beautiful, and the […]

Commented on “Little Innovation Book”

Over at the Smarter Companies Blog (http://www.i-capitaladvisors.com/2010/01/12/innovation-and-intangible-capital/) there’s a debate going on that there’s no difference between Innovation Capital and Knowledge Capital. Interesting, but then how do you explain the failure of great knowledge capital companies like Sun Microsystems during the downturn? Originally posted as a comment by jawgardner on Little Innovation Book using DISQUS.

Commented on “Mashable – The Social Media Guide”

I don't know how anyone could have expected the iPad to live up the hype it generated. Personally, I'm of the view that no matter what they released today – even if it had a camera and every other gadget known to man – it would have disappointed. There was just too much pent up […]

An open letter to the business

My dear Colleague, I heard on the grapevine the other day that you think your information technologists are getting a bit above their station. Apparently, they’ve made some suggestions which don’t have much to do with technology. I realise that’s outrageous, and I quite sympathise with your annoyance. I mean, how dare they. They may […]

GovCamp is tomorrow

Tomorrow, is UK GovCamp, a bar-camp for Government. I’m going, and it’ll be at Goggle’s offices in Victoria from 10AM. Here’s the list of everyone whose going. Unfortunately, though, I think the tickets are all gone but there is a waiting list, if you’re interested. If you want to know more, there’s a vertical social […]

Enterprise Architecture – the big catch up

Here is the problem with EA – it is never complete at the point instant when a project asks some question of it. I think that is true no matter how many architects you have or how good they are. This is the third time I’ve been responsible for “Architecture”, and – no disrespect intended […]

How to crowd source an IT strategy

1.5 days. 100 people. 20 design sessions, and 200 ratified decisions. It’s the reason I went dark last week online. We were running a crowd sourcing un-conference event to work out the details of IT strategy in as short a time as possible. It was an event that showed me the reputation the public sector […]

The innovation economy

You should read this article that argues another phase change is occurring: from a knowledge economy to an Innovation economy. It’s suggesting that even when you have great structural capital (factories, assets, and all that stuff), great financial capital (money!) and great intellectual capital (knowledge and know-how) you will still not be a successful organisation. […]

The In-Betweeners

You know, I think I have a very good work-life balance. I spend enough hours in the office that I think we’re accomplishing things. I do lots of private work-like things (writing here, reading the right blogs and twitter, participating in the online conversation, writing books, and the evening networking schedule) that are in the […]

2010 Predictions

Last week, I wrote down some of my thoughts for 2009. There have been both lows and highs, but mostly highs. 2009 was a good year. I’m expecting that there’ll be some pretty big highs in 2010 as well. As is everyone’s want to do at this time, I thought I’d make some guesses what […]

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