Hiring a walk-on-water chief architect

So, things are moving along here at the DWP. So many people have asked me why I moved across from the private sector to here, and I have a simple answer: there are few IT organisations around that match the scale of things we do here. Practically every citizen in the UK is in our databases. We’re 25% of the UK government’s IT bill. There are thousands of technology professionals working for us directly, and thousands more permanently assigned to us from the supplier community. And we’re running a portfolio of IT assets that go beyond the department, servicing a range of cross-government initiatives.

To join the board of that IT organisation is not something you pass up. Especially considering the rapid, major changes we’re going to have to deliver over the next few years.

So that’s why I joined. Now I have a question: what would make you join us?

You see, I’m currently hiring a Chief Architect. I’m looking for someone that can take the outputs of our strategy and innovation teams, and turn them into an actionable plan for the future. But I don’t just want any architect, I want one that can walk on water.

What does walking on water involve?

Someone who is inspirational, because architects need to be inspired to produce a design that’s both grounded enough in reality that its possible to build it, and sufficiently forward looking that it doesn’t close off future opportunities.

Someone who has the gravitas to convince people that they know what they’re talking about. Walking on water means you’re known for thought leadership, and maybe you’ve contributed to the current state of the art in some way. Certainly, your reputation will precede you.

And most importantly, you’ll walk on water if you know how to sell your design so others buy into it. We’re an organisation of more than a hundred thousand people. It takes great sales and influencing capability to get people to notice what you’re doing, and even more to get them to agree. An architecture that noone uses is a waste of time.

Are you a walk-on-water architect? If you are, Alex Richardson at Hudson is handling the search for us.

Here’s a the link to the online ad. Here is the link to apply. And here is the candidate information in proper detail.

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