The stupid salesman

I hate to rant (again), but last week I met with a vendor who didn’t know anything about me other than my name and title, and who I work for. I put aside an hour or so to see him. This, as far as I am concerned, is about as stupid as you get. Since […]

Getting clout

A number of people have written to me, almost all through private emails, to indicate that they have a “clout” problem, and wondering what I thought they should do about it. Since it is a great subject for a post, I decided I’d share here, summarising what I’ve said to many via email. The first […]

The tools of innovation

A.M Mills, the author of Hell Bent on Success asks me to explain what I mean by the “tools of innovation”. That is rather a lot for a single post, and in fact, I’ve written a 350 page book on the subject for any one who wants to have the exhaustive details of how to […]

The task worker divide

I’m sitting here in London Heathrow airport, and scrolling through all last night’s Tweets on my Twitter client. I notice that, in addition to the Tweets I put up from #sdthinks, where I was speaking last night, there are lots of people I follow who were also at conferences doing live updates. There are lots […]

Evidence of the chip

A week or so ago, I wrote about the “chip” that some Microsoft employees seem to have implanted in their brains. A couple of people contacted me to tell me the days of the “chip” were long gone. Apparently that’s not the case, however. And here is the evidence. Profile Microsoft evangelist Don Dodge was […]

Innovation backlash

One of the interesting things about the group I run at the DWP is that we’re accountable for both innovation and strategy. This, you might imagine, ought to be a nirvana that anyone who cares about innovation would dream about. Practically speaking, however, it introduces a few issues that you don’t expect. Consider this scenario. […]

A window into Microsoft

One of the most interesting things to read on the web these days is the comment stream on a blog from Microsoft insider Mini-Microsoft. This is a blog based on the premise that Microsoft has grown too big, having hired too many people that don’t do very much except “play Microsoft”. Mini asserts this as […]

Hiring a walk-on-water chief architect

So, things are moving along here at the DWP. So many people have asked me why I moved across from the private sector to here, and I have a simple answer: there are few IT organisations around that match the scale of things we do here. Practically every citizen in the UK is in our […]

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