Everything for nothing part 2

I seemed to have caused some heat a few days ago when I suggested the future of corporate IT was “everything for nothing”. My point was that commoditisation of technology inputs would reduce their price to a point where they would, effectively, be “too cheap to meter”. Since then, many people have written to me […]

Personalisation dynamics

So yesterday, again, I got some more CVs stuffed into my inbox from a recruiting company that’s pushing its latest hot candidate. The candidate was a “high level sourcing strategist” with years of experience in banking and financial services. Apparently, this candidate was especially good with cards, and had led massive cards transformation programmes. The […]

Everything for nothing

I was once in Egypt, and got harangued by all these street vendors selling stuff. “Everything for nothing!” one cried, in an attempt to get me to approach his stall. Highly humorous, and I laughed with the vendor and bought something I-don’t-even-know-what-it-is just because I liked his approach “Everything for nothing” is clearly a joke […]

Are you a young genius?

If you are, I have five open intern roles. We’re wanting 3 to help in the innovation team, and two that are interested in IT strategy. They’ll be based in the North of England, and the people who sign up will be with us till March next year. It’s a great opportunity for experience, and […]

5 influential people

Last night, I’m on this train home from the office in London. Whilst squashed into my seat in typical commuter fashion, I started to reflect on some inspirational people I’ve met over my career, and the lessons I’ve learned from them. That’s an interesting idea for a post, I thought, so I’ve created a list […]

The two prices of everything

The last few days in the gym, I've been listening to Chris Anderson's Free on my iPhone. Most people will likely be familiar with the work of Chris, who also wrote The Long Tail. Free is available free for download from iTunes. Anyway, so I've been listening to this book, and a key insight jumps […]

Corporate bloggers are boring (especially new ones)

Why are so many business and corporate blogs so boring? I started to wonder this the other day when I was trying to clear out my reader. I looked at the list of feeds I get, and started to examine my reading behaviour. There are blogs I immediately select whenever there is a new post […]

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