Its the users, stupid

Last night, when I was at this event, I met a couple of people who are involved in helping start-ups turn ideas into reality. These were quite senior people, working for a large software vendor, one that makes it’s revenue mainly from licences. One comment from a particular individual struck me. He was saying that […]

Advice for new managers

Let us imagine, for a second, that you’ve just been promoted to your first management job. Having worked your way up the ranks, you are now responsible for a team, and are expected to produce grand strategic outcomes. You have been given people, resources, and authority to do it with. Now, it is up to […]

The connected versus the not

I’ve found there are two types of people in organisations. Firstly, there are those who are connected and therefore have a bit of a clue what is going on. And secondly, there are those who aren’t, who parrot what they’ve heard from the connected. Although this stratification seems to work across interest-boundaries, it seems most […]

End user computing

If you give a large enough end-user community a tool, sooner or later, it is going to get used. Even if you don’t tell them you’ve given it to them. In so many large organisations, this has resulted in a very large number – thousands upon thousands in some cases – of specialised little applications […]

Excerpts of Future-proofing available online

Wiley, my publisher, have just put excerpts of the book online. You can read the first chapter, the introduction, here. The index and table of contents are also available. Thank you everyone who has already pre-ordered or received their copies. I hope you enjoy it.

Future-proofing is now available

Finally, you can now get copies of Innovation and the Future-proof Bank. Last time I looked, Amazon was out of stock, but some of its associate retailers had copies ready for dispatch. I’m also told that at least a few London City book stores will actually be stocking the book on their shelves. I’ll be […]

My first days at the DWP

So, it is start of my second week at the Department of Work and Pensions. I know many of you must be wondering what the transition from bank to public sector has been like. Was it as awful as some people predicted last week when I said I was moving over? The fact of the […]

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