Goodbye and Hello

Today is my last day with Lloyds Banking Group. Its been an interesting couple of years, and in that time, we've built what I'd call a "pretty good" innovation group. Its done some really leading things, like Innovation Market which now has a couple of copies in other institutions around the world. And of course, […]

Followup: Zopa isn’t disruptive

My last post has caused some controversy, and an especially vehement reply from Chris Skinner. I suggest you read his post, actually, before you read this one. Now, the basic premise of my argument was this: Zopa has the potential to be a disruptive player, but isn't because it is behaving exactly like a bank. […]

Zopa’s strategy is to be immaterial to banks

Over at the Zopa blog, Martin says the following: Could Zopa become the first real competitive pressure banks feel to put their customers more at the centre of what they do? I think so. And that would be good for all of us – even ultimately the banks themselves. Imagine a world in which people […]

Inspiring Innovation

Last week, I got an email from a reader asking me to share some thoughts on the topic of inspiring innovation. Now that's an interesting question, one that really begs a question: can innovation actually be inspired? Or is innovation actually something that happens whether or not you do any inspiring, and the critical determinant […]

Should you do only things that are “strategic”?

I've had a couple of emails from readers in the last week complaining that an initiative they are passionate about was either slowed down, or cancelled altogether because it was deemed "not strategic". In one case, it was an architecture function that said this when the project wanted to implement something not in the standards. […]

Evaluating an innovation expert

Over at Conversation Marketing there is a post entitled “10 Questions to evaluate a Social Media Expert“. Read it, because it is just spot on. I especially loved this one: Bonus Question: How often do you write? “I hate writing”. Cough! “Oh, I try to but I don’t have much time”. Cough Cough Cough! “Every […]

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