Book now available for pre-order

My new book, Innovation and the Future-proof Bank, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Publication date is 29th August.

I will have a certain number of review copies to give away. If you’ve got a blog or are otherwise social-media connected, and would be willing to write a review, please email me. I’ll ask my publisher to send you a copy, though I haven’t yet checked how many copies I’ll be allowed to give out. But email me anyway, and I’ll see what I can do.

In the meantime, when I posted the availability message on Twitter, @seankain asked for a table of contents be made available. I’m told it will be available in the next week or so as well as “look inside” on Amazon, but I can’t explain why it isn’t there already. Publishing seems to operate on a timeframe rather more protracted than that we’ve become familiar with in this real-time world.

Anyway, here’s the table of contents:

1 Introduction

What you will find in this chapter

1.1 What is innovation anyway?

1.2 What happens when you don’t futureproof

1.3 Five things that innovation is not

1.4 150 years of innovation in banks

1.5 The innovation downside

1.6 An overview of the futureproofing process

1.7 Where to go now


2 Innovation Theories and Models

What you will find in this chapter

2.1 The innovation adoption decision process

2.2 Personal innovativeness

2.3 Innovation from the perspective of the market

2.4 Characteristics of innovations

2.5 Innovation from the perspective of the firm

2.6 Case Study: The internal adoption of social media

2.7 Theory of disruption

2.8 Case Study: PayPal’s continuing disruption of the payments market

2.9 Thoughts before going further


3 Innovating in Banks

What you will find in this chapter

3.1 The innovation pentagram in banks

3.2 The Five Capability Model of a successful innovation function

3.3 Case Study: Innovation at Bank of America

3.4 Building out the futureproofing process

3.5 Technology, business, and innovation

3.6 Autonomic innovation

3.7 Case Study: ChangeEverything, a project by Vancity in Canada

3.8 The banking innovation challenge


4 Futurecasting

What you will find in this chapter

4.1 The purpose of futurecasting

4.2 An overview of futurecasting

4.3 What futurecasts should innovators be doing?

4.4 An example

4.5 Constructing the futurecast with scenario planning methods

4.6 Prediction methods

4.7 Case Study: AMP Innovation Festival

4.8 Some final words about futurecasting


5 Managing Ideation

What you will find in this chapter

5.1 An overview of the ideation phase

5.2 Campaign and create

5.3 Collect, catalogue, and compare

5.4 Scoring

5.5 Customer insight

5.6 Customer co-creation

5.7 Case Study: Royal Bank of Canada’s Next Great Innovator Challenge

5.8 Concluding remarks


6 The Innovation Phase

What you will find in this chapter

6.1 Should we? Can we? When?

6.2 The innovation portfolio

6.3 What happens next?

6.4 Tools for ‘Should we?’

6.5 Tools for ‘Can we?’

6.6 Tools for ‘When?’

6.7 Selling innovations

6.8 Case Study: Bank of America and the Centre for Future Banking

6.9 Wrapping up the innovation phase


7 Execution

What you will find in this chapter

7.1 Ways to manage execution

7.2 Building the new thing

7.3 The launch

7.4 Operations post-launch

7.5 Signals for futurecasting

7.6 Case Study: Innovation Market

7.7 The end of futureproofing


8 Leading Innovation Teams

What you will find in this chapter

8.1 Leadership styles

8.2 Things the leaders should do

8.3 Signs of a bad innovation leader

8.4 What next?


9 The Innovation Team

What you will find in this chapter

9.1 The changing shape of the innovation workforce

9.2 Creators, embellishers, perfectors, and implementers

9.3 Team working

9.4 When innovators go bad

9.5 A last word about innovation teams


10 Processes and Controls

What you will find in this chapter

10.1 Oversight

10.2 Metrics

10.3 Rewards and recognition

10.4 Innovation and the organisation

10.5 Funding innovation

10.6 The visible face of innovation

10.7 And finally . . .


11 Making Futureproofing Work in Your Institution

What you will find in this chapter

11.1 Case Study: Civic banking at Caja Navarra

11.2 Starting your innovation programme

11.3 Making ideation work

11.4 The innovation stage

11.5 Execution

11.6 Doing futurecasting

11.7 Innovation leaders and teams

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    What about limited edition signed copies? Will you be doing a tour?

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