Does the business case for IT Security stack up?

I've not yet come across an organisation that doesn't have some kind of group that focuses on IT Security. And, frankly, its hard to imagine any organisation that could get by without one, either. But am I the only person who wonders whether the cost to remediate IT security issues is actually worth it? Apparently, […]

Microsoft responds

My post the other day has resulted in a response from a David McGhee, an employee of Microsoft Australia, in which he makes several points about my conversion to the status of "Apple FanBoy". In it, he clearly reveals his own Microsoftie Fanboyism as he makes statements which go the whole point I was making […]

Microsoft engineers for rudeness, Apple designs for polite

Last week, I reported that I'd lost my iPhone on a train. Because it is impossible to actually do any meaningful work without a phone, I found I was forced to resort to my old Windows Mobile device, and just assumed that I'd make do for a while. Now this was a quite late-model, latest […]

This time I’ve lost it. No, really.

My iPhone. Lost. Really, this time, and I've blocked it with O2 already. Actually, I left it on a train last night, after texting to say what time I'd be home. Obviously I dropped it after doing so, and it could be anywhere in the UK by now. Such a bother, but really, just the […]

Advice for newbies starting their careers in large companies

Know the end-goal now. Not just the next year goal or the five year goal. Have an idea of the actual final job you want in a perfect world. Now, I know this is difficult. You're young, and it seems like a vista of possibility awaits. Wrong. There is a vista, but you can only […]

Whatever you make, someone will make something of it

If you've been reading here for a while, you'll know that I am a big proponent of the idea that crowds of people doing things can create synergistic outcomes which are much greater than the sum of the parts. I know that some of my statements in that area have been somewhat controversial: for example, […]

Retention thinking is so dark ages

The other day, I wrote this on Twitter: Why do you care about staff attrition when you are winning the war for talent and can hire anyone you want? It caused a few people to write back with contrarian views: @NickDellaRiva said: Corp knowledge must count towards speed of execution / delivery? If not, why […]

Book now available for pre-order

My new book, Innovation and the Future-proof Bank, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Publication date is 29th August. I will have a certain number of review copies to give away. If you’ve got a blog or are otherwise social-media connected, and would be willing to write a review, please email me. I’ll ask […]


Today I want to write about something amazing, and that amazing thing was Amplify09, the corporate innovation festival organised by financial services company AMP in Australia last week. Corporate innovation festival, I hear you ask? Well, yes indeed, and when I first heard about it, I was impressed, but couldn't for life of me see […]

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