Travel plans

In case you're interested, I'll be in Australia from the 23rd through 26th of June. Mainly in Sydney. Most of the time, I'll be attending Amplify, but am free for other meetings as well if anyone is interested. Let me know by email.

You have to work in a bank to know how to work a bank

I've think I've learned a very valuable lesson: no matter how specialised in financial services you are, you have to have worked in a bank – as an employee – before you have any idea of how to "work" a bank. I write this, because it has struck me recently (and especially on the vendor […]

Lost my iPhone

No doubt, my friends at Microsoft will be ever so delighted to hear that I have misplaced my iPhone and am forced back to Windows Mobile temporarily. This probably happened when I was out with them last night, so no doubt it is a conspiracy. Lorraine, my ever indispensible assistant, is calling everyone madly to […]

What is this “disruption”?

After "innovation", the next most divisive word you can use in the context of doing new things is "disruptive". I hate this word, and avoid it myself like the plague. My problem is that practically everyone I talk to thinks it means something different. I borrow my definition from Christensen, who, I think, offers the […]

Definitions of…

Last night I was at an innovation event where the thorny issue of definitions came up. That is, definitions of innovation. Now, as you've probably seen in your own organisations, dare to utter the word "innovation" and no one will be able to agree on what it is, much less how to achieve it. So […]

A letter to Architecture

Dear Architect, Thank you so much for reviewing the initial designs for our latest proposition. As you know, we need to be in the market with it as soon as possible, because DownTheRoad bank is taking share from us. In fact, their latest offer is so compelling that our rate of churn has gone through […]

The Emergent Enterprise

Two of our initiatives at the bank (widely available internal social media, and Innovation Market) have the interesting ramification that individual staff members in our institution now have an ability to broadcast their opinions to large groups of people, largely without much management-level control of the messages they're putting out. As you'd expect, there was […]

How much money is enough?

Another week, and another call with an institution that’s in the process of building out its innovation programme (on a side note, I also took a call from a very major global institution that is ending its programme, but my feeling is the starters are presently outweighing the enders). Anyway, this institution has been working […]

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