Revenge of the Twitterati

My previous post suggesting that Twitter is stunt for banks, has stirred up a few people. I've had quite a few private emails on the subject, some of which agree with me, and some of which don't. I've also had some pretty interesting comments here on the blog itself. Many are horrified that an innovation […]

For banks, Twitter is a stunt

Over at Visible-Banking Christophe is counting the banks who have put themselves up on Twitter. There are quite a few of them. I think banks being on Twitter is a stunt. It is good for getting the attention of the social media mavens, but can hardly be economic if you have need to reach thousands […]

Its OK to look at the job market

It is a sign of the times, I think, that people are spending quite a lot of time looking at the employment market. If they're not actually looking for a new job, they are at least keeping a watchful eye over their future prospects in case they need to make a move. Its completely something […]

Innovation consultants

Over at Innovate on Purpose, Jeffrey Phillps is engaged in telling stories about his life as an innovation consultant. Typifying the innovator as a gangsteresque private detective, he wraps up his post with the comment: I left and entered the first cheap speakeasy I could find. The look of panic and the smell of fear […]

It’s never been done before

"It's never been done before" is a refrain one often hears in financial services. There are also significant variations on the theme, such as "we are fast followers", or "where are your references and case studies?". The whole is representative of a lack of faith that bankers, banking technologists, and their associated consulting firms, services […]

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