This evening, I'll be getting on a plane to Australia. The trip is mainly personal, seeing family and friends. There's also a wedding on. Consequently, I'll be infrequently updating this blog, until I return on the 20th of April, though I'll likely check in from time to time, especially if I am inspired by something […]

How ready is your institution for the recovery?

Security: I don't understand it, so I'm not going to allow it. Even if I did allow it, I'm going to treble your costs with a penetration test, a massive security review, and another couple of layers of technology to minimise the chance of even theoretical attacks succeeding. I.T Architect: That's not our standard. Yes, […]

More signs of interest

Another call yesterday from an institution wanting to know about starting an innovation programme. They are coming more frequently. It is a sign, I think, that bankers generally are recognising there might be a light at the end of this particular tunnel, and they'd better have something compelling in the pipeline if they want to […]

More signs that Gen-Y is different

Late last week, I gave a guest lecture at Nottingham University to a group of undergraduates studying marketing. They were 2nd years, and my hostess was quick to let me know that I shouldn't expect them to behave in the ways I'd been used to in large corporate meetings. I wasn't, for example, to expect […]

Innovation career paths

Early in my career, I spent quite a bit of time and money working with a professional career coach. The experience was an exceptionally useful one, and I had an ex-managing director of a huge shipping and transport company assigned to me. As a mentor, his constructive input had a lasting effect on me. And […]

The lack of Powerpoint

I’ve sat through a series of vendor meetings in the past few days, and the concentration of these discussions has let me see something: so very few meetings I attend with vendors these days use Powerpoint. Actually, I went to a vendor meeting the other day, and Powerpoint was used, and it felt like I’d […]

You have the best job in the world

Last week, I was in a meeting and, as you do, I handed over my business card. I got what has become a very typical response: "Head of Innovation? You must have the best job in the bank!" Whether or not I have the best job is immaterial here, of course. The real sum of […]

Very clever

Yesterday I got an interesting package in the mail. When I opened it, it was a book entitled "Never put confusion on top of a crisis", and the author was a James Gardner. Immediately, I thought someone had sent it to me thinking I would like a book by someone with the same name as […]

Starting an innovation programme now

I was on the phone yesterday to a bank that's decided to start an innovation programme now, despite the difficult times we're in. As you probably have guessed from reading here, I spend a lot of time talking with other banks, and on occasion, they come to visit us here in London to see what […]

Another confession

Last night, I had a meeting with our Microsoft account director. After we talked about the state of the industry, and the state of the bank, and the state of everything else (a rather gloomy set of musings, if I may say so), we moved swiftly to a discussion of my present position with respect […]

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