The covers showed up yesterday

Those of you who've been following the progress of Innovation and the Future-proof Bank will be interested to hear that yesterday the cover art showed up in my inbox. That was very exciting, of course, and lots of people dropped by to help me choose the one I liked. I'd post them all here, except […]


Mary Poppins was remarkably prophetic when she sang “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” to her young charges. In so doing, she signalled the forecoming of a generational shift in attitudes to work. Our rollout of Innovation Market has focussed our attention on this shift, since its growing success seems to be […]

Entrepreneurs or not

Here is a key question for banks looking to start an innovation programme. Do you put an entrepreneur in charge, someone with a proven capability to start and run small ventures? The kind of person who knows everything about working on a shoestring and matching limited resources to big problems? Or, instead, do you hire […]

What kind of innovation does your bank do?

Now, I know that we’re all in a bit of an innovation vacuum at the moment, since the financial crisis seems to have sucked all the life out of most innovators I know. They are all lying low, hoping their programmes won’t get too much notice, for fear that they’ll be cost-cut out of existence. […]

The two-faced banker

Last night I was at an event hosted by Adobe and IDC. The theme was whether innovation, differentiation and competition would last in the current financial climate. Now, as usual, bloggers aren’t supposed to talk about the substantive points that were made by attendees, so I’m not going to repeat anything meaty here. But I […]

Innovation market most innovative of 2008

You can imagine how thrilled my team and I were when we discovered that FinExtra, in its newly launched Innovation Showcase, has decided that our Innovation Market was one of the most innovative developments in financial services in 2008. At a future time, I'll write a more comprehensive post about Innovation Market, much more detailed […]

Transparency about the current market

I’ve often wondered, as I sit here on my train every morning writing a blog post or doing email, whether readers find my lack of comment on the current financial situation surprising. Obviously, there are few things more important at present than the happenings in the market, yet not once have I made any substantive […]

So where is the magic?

The other night, I was out for dinner with a senior figure from one of my favourite vendors, and we somehow got into a discussion about the merits of various tech firm business models. Now, I have been a saying that pure licensing, if not dead already, is shortly to be so. Why, I argued, […]

Personal responsibility for business continuity

Here in London, we are experiencing the heaviest snow falls for almost 20 years.  It is causing havoc everywhere. Yesterday, there was no possibility of travelling inside or outside the capital. And today, as I write this sitting in a waiting room on a station, only slightly warmer than the temperature outside where additional snow […]

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