The Centre for Future Banking blog

Over at the Centre for Future Banking, which is a joint initiative between Bank of America and MIT Media Labs, work is going on to “invent the future of banking”. That may or may not be aspirational, but the fact of the matter is something else is happening over there as well. They just launched […]

We so don’t want to be strategic

I spent some time, the other day, talking with a vendor who decided our institution is a “strategic” account. The upshot of this is we get all this dedicated sales resource, and they have greater ability to make “investments” in us to help us use their new technologies. The particular vendor involved sells hardware boxes […]

Introducing Innovation Market

So sorry I vanished into thin air after I kicked up that recent ruckus about banks not doing social media. You see, the manuscript of Futureproofing is due with the publishers in January, and I’m on that final death march to get everything done. But I digress, because what I wanted to talk about today […]

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