Why banks won’t do social media

A couple of days ago, I saw Chris Skinner give a presentation in which he advanced a few reasons why social media should be important to banks. His arguments, ultimately, boiled down to one main thing: social networks are where online people are, therefore, they are where banks should be too. The thing is, I […]

Young Talent

Last night, I was invited to speak at the latest Geek dinner, a collection of fresh entrepreneurs, technologists, and new media people. They meet every so often to eat, drink, and have a chat, and On this particular occasion, the Open Finance Coffee Club also brought its members. A similar crowd, but with a specific […]

The proof of value

I was with a vendor the other day that said he needed a “demonstration of intent” to take to his management before he was able to engage with us. The “demonstration of intent” is that in-advance commitment vendors like to have before they commit resources to any prospective project at a customer. It comprises, usually, […]

Trade Secrets and Open Innovation

If you're a bank, what is the first position of your management when you suggest you should license your patents, share your underutilised trade secrets, and investigate the possibilities of collaboration with your competitors? You'll probably find you run up against a big, fat, wall. It is likely the same wall you ran into when […]

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