Lift and shift

Since I started working on Future-proofing, my book on innovation methods  due out next year, something interesting has started to happen. I am getting calls from institutions around the world (or consultants retained by them), asking about the experiences we've had building out our innovation systems and processes. Apparently, even in these times of trouble, […]

Lock-down negatives

One of the biggest contentions I get into here at the bank is, for any given system or tool,  the amount of lock-down required. The tendency of any institution, left unchecked, is to lock down things to such a degree that nothing can be done without appropriate authorities, governance waivers, and architectural oversight. The thing is, […]

That magic business document

There is a magic document that is almost always associated with practically every business decision. It is a document filled with mystical powers, such as the ability to foretell the future. It is able to shape the way things happen in the present. And even when things go wrong, it has the power to provide […]

An update on my alternative operating system

A few weeks ago I posted that I was getting rid of Windows, and I thought you might all like an update on where I am with that. The biggest change for me is that I've started to run Linux under the hood on my principle work laptop. I'm using Suse 11, for those who […]

On pilots and prototypes

I found another bank innovation team the other day that spends its life doing pilots. Now, don’t get me wrong. That is a perfectly good way to make innovation investments. Pilots are an important outcome of the innovation process because they let an institution “suck it and see” before they take whatever-it-is to a broad base of customers. But I […]

LinkedIn rather than the corporate directory

Something interesting happened to me the other day. A newly appointed director of the bank, apparently, was Googling for a particular topic and found my name. She then worked out that I worked at the same institution, and then, rather than log into the corporate directory, used LinkedIn to reach out to me. This is […]

Ten bits of wisdom in banking innovation

Wisdom in banking innovation is knowing that in times of trouble you don't want to be seen as the cause of trouble yourself. Instead, focus on value enhancement through small, but significant steps forward that don't cost too much. Wisdom in banking innovation is making sure that everyone possible is included as part of the […]

Self organising and optimising business process

I've spoken here often of the democratisation of the tools of production, something that is happening across so many technological and business domains. We are entering an age where anyone with the will to do something has the tools to do so. Talent becomes the key differentiator rather than access to capital and resources. Anyway, […]

Broken models and the new world order

The last two days of the week just gone, I was in Barcelona at an event called Smart Banking Forum, run by IBM. The speaker that stood out most in my mind was Shankar Ramamurthy, a senior IBM thinker in their Financial Services consulting practice. Shankar was commenting on the current state of financial markets, […]

The democratisation of statistics

I’ve spoken here often of the democratisation of the tools of banking. Anyone can be a banker, thanks to Peer to Peer lending. Anyone can do payments cross boarder, thanks to PayPal and similar. And anyone can do customer service, thanks to account aggregation and financial advice sites. But the democratisation of tools is not […]

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