Innovators versus strategists

Prolific BankerVision commenter Neil Robinson of LanZen comments on a post from a few months ago:  “… I fear you may be confusing strategy for innovation. Innovation is recognising where we are, looking at where we want to be, and finding a way to get there by using what we currently have on board better. […]

Banking in 20 years

I was asked to participate in a survey the other day. It was a well known research house who wanted to know what I thought the future might hold for retail banking. Now this is a question to which I’ve devoted some thought recently. Present market conditions aside, there is no real reason to think […]

Reports of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated

Chris Skinner amusingly comments: Please note that James Gardner has succumbed. He has been assimilated into the Bank hive. We are doing our best to release him, as his friends and for the Federation, and will let you know if we have success. You'll have to excuse my absence from posting here over the last […]

The competitive advantage of P2P

I was out with some P2P lending folks the other day, and they repeated something that I’ve heard now from lots of people: the Peer to peer business model doesn’t stack up. Its not just a scale thing, either. Apparently, deep inside, the numbers don’t work. At least, that’s what I keep being told. And […]

Video makes the naked bank

Last night, I was part of a panel debate on whether “video will be the next channel revolution in banks”, at the Financial Services Club. As usual, it was conducted under Chatham House Rules, so I’m not going to name names here. I think it was probably amusing to everyone to have the innovation guy […]

The power of a crowd

I am having something of a epiphany moment myself here. And, frankly, I am surprised at myself. You see, I made the mistake of doubting that crowds can do really powerful things. This, despite the fact, that my team and I have been preaching this message for over a year, and the result has been […]

That NFC trial in London

The conclusion of the mobile phone wallet trial in London, apparently, is that mobile phone payments are highly desirable for consumers. According to FinExtra, the majority – 78% – of the 500 participants said they would be interested in using the service if it was available. And 22% said because they could pay for the […]

The role of innovators in future thinking

So yesterday I wrote about the idea of machines having bank accounts. Apparently, that post was met with some surprise. James from Aqute Research said that I’d extracted the basis of a science fiction story from the original Peter Cochrane article. And Neil suggested I was waiting for the birth of Max Headroom. These are […]

Serving the thinking machine

I was reading the latest post from Peter Cochrane this morning, in which he describes the evolution of new technologies from science fiction to science reality. And then goes on to make the point that in the forthcoming age of the intelligent machine, the real challenge for humans will not be how to build the […]

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