Don’t drown the puppy

As you know, I am a big advocate of doing what we call here at the bank "drowning the puppy". We've had puppy drowning as part of our innovation team culture for ages, and even celebrate those who can do it the quickest. One person currently holds the record: 9 minutes from concept to drowning, […]

The new picture

Yesterday, I went into the office, and was asked by some people in my team whether my new picture on this blog had been “touched up in PhotoShop”. I was mortally wounded. Then they wanted to know how “old” the photo was. It was, in case you are wondering, taken just a few weeks ago […]

Cost cutting

I’m always surprised when people suggest that cost cutting measures mean an organisation is getting desperate. Check out this comment from Matt White, where he paraphrases a Telegraph article suggesting that a Citi is doing everything it can to save pence rather than pounds. The Telegraph article reports the following: That “staff should print black […]

Where is my traded market for cycles?

There's quite a lot activity in the cloud space these days, what with Amazon, Google, and a pile of others entering the market. And it is probably quite true to say a  few institutions are considering how they might use these services in substantive way down the track. Let me make my own thoughts on […]

The valuation of innovation

So here's a problem: what is the value of an innovation to a financial services firm? What is the value of a breakthrough versus incremental? And how can you guess it in advance so that you can win the money? In my team, these are questions we wrestle with every day. The fact of the […]

PR shifts to Community Management

There is this meme going on about PR, and how the A-List tech bloggers have basically become their mouthpieces. Press-release release machines, if you like. But I think PR people are getting quite wise to the fact that they can't just issue press releases and expect bloggers to care very much about them any more. […]

Email bankrupt

I was speaking with a corporate someone yesterday who knows someone that's given up email entirely and insists that all internal communication happen on blogs and social networking sites. Not that this, by itself, is all that unusual. Gen-Yers have been ditching email for ages, apparently. What is interesting in this case is the individual […]

The eye-blink moment

No-one likes meetings, especially if they do a lot of them. Many of them I hate myself. And you can always tell how a meeting is going by how much the other parties in it actually say. If they don't say anything very much, it is a very good sign that no one really cares. […]

Your five step plan to kill your innovation programme

Times are tough. Your innovation programme has been gasping for air for months now, and finally, it's time to end it. You want to do that humanely of course, with minimum fuss. And you want to do it so that it looks like the process of innovation is continuing across the institution, whilst the formal […]

Reflections on blogging

I was out at dinner the other night with some ex-colleagues, and one of them, who reads here regularly, apparently, wanted to know how I actually find the time to maintain a blog. When thinking about the question, what occurred to me was that anyone not finding time to blog is actually doing themselves (and […]

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